Hello Brethren,

I welcome you to our website. Chartered and Established in 1818, Union Lodge # 75 is the oldest Masonic Lodge in Union County, and the 12th Masonic District. 

During the Past Masonic Year (2017) we only raised 3 new members, and reinstated 3 former member. We conferred 9 degrees during the year.  We had 8 members erased NPD ( Non Payment of Dues ) , and the Grand Architect of the Universe called 20 of our members home, and 1 demitted to other lodges. We conferred  3 Masonic Funerals. and 1 Masonic Funeral for other lodges and finished the year with 293 members which includes 3 ministers, 53 living Past Masters in Good Standing, and 96 forty year members. During the year, The lodge was opened a total of 25 times for 12 Regular Meetings, 9 Degrees, and 4 Funerals.

If you are a former member who has been dropped for non payment of dues,  please take time to reflect on what Masonry means to you. You can be reinstated, by filling out an re-instatement form and paying one year back dues and one year current dues. You will have to go through the investigation and ballot process as you did when you entered Masonry. Dues are payable and due in advance on October 1 and delinquent on October 31 of each year.  

Reminders of meetings, and degree notices are sent out via email. If you wish to receive these reminders, please send me your email address. A link to my email is provided at bottom of the menu on the left side of this page.

I am your Secretary. If I can be of any assistance to you what so ever, please give me a call.  I keep petitions for the Blue Lodge, The York Rite, and The Scottish Rite, the Hejaz Shrine, and The Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America. I can be reached at the following:

Home 427-1462,  Cell  426-0101   w4rwg@charter.net

119 Royal Oak Drive , Union, S.C. 29379-9710

Roger W. Gregory    

Lodge Secretary